Profitable Top Line Growth

Andy Birol, Birol Growth Consulting


Andy Birol’s business consulting and coaching services can help your business find more profitable and
rapid growth. Real, sustained growth occurs when you apply your Best and Highest Use® (BHU) and your company’s BHU to resolve pain or create opportunities for your customers.

Whether you run a large, closely held corporation, a shop with 25 employees, or a one-person company, Andy Birol will maximize your company’s potential. 

  • Option 1: REFINE – Observe, Assess and Refine Your Top Line Growth Plan
    1. You have a sales plan but aren’t certain it will succeed as you predicted through the recession
    2. You have products or services that aren’t selling enough to meet your forecast
    3. Your customers aren’t rebounding quickly or buying the way you expected as the economy improves
      (read more)
  • Option 2: RECHARGE – Research, Refocus and Recharge Your Organization’s Growth Strategy 
    1. You have a sales or marketing plan that has stopped working or is no longer generating the profits you expected
    2. You have products or services that no longer attract your customers or are not going to grow even if the economy rebounds
    3. Your customers are increasing their purchasing but not from your firm or your previous investments
    4. You are confident your team can implement a new growth plan if you and they believe in it
      (read more)
  • Option 3: REGROUP – Triage, Reinvent, Reposition Your Organization and its New Growth Strategy

    1. Your organization is disconnecting from your target markets as its currently structured
    2. our customers are not only buying from your competitors, but are embracing different solutions from suppliers you didn’t see as competitors
    3. Your core value proposition is not getting traction and you know that left alone, your organization cannot discover, develop and implement a new strategy it needs for profitable growth
      (read more) 
  • Rapid Response Retainer
    You and your business are facing conditions no one has seen or predicted before. Customer demands (and receivables) are erratic but ever more costly. Your banks cannot run themselves but continue to make irrational demands on your business. Your employees are fearful of losing their jobs more than they are eager to hit your business goals. And your vendors are demonstrating all of this erratic behavior and losing your confidence in the process. RRR provides you with three months of unlimited email, phone call and fax coaching with Andy Birol. (read more)
  • One-Day Company Diagnosis & Assessment
    Consider Andy’s One-Day Company Diagnosis and Assessment where Andy comes to your company and interviews your key executives and data in the morning to gain a better understanding of your challenges and
    opportunities. Together in the afternoon, you design a course of action to create or increase your Profitable Top Line Growth. You can expect Andy to review. (readmore)
  • BGC Growth Assessment
    During this recession, have you wondered why some companies are flourishing and others are closing their doors? Why some entrepreneurs are overcoming this down economy and their future seems bright while others are floundering and remain helpless? (read more)
  • Business Owners’ Roundtables
    Andy will customize a special event you can sponsor for your peers where he facilitates a discussion on timely business topics. (readmore)
  • Sponsored Events
    Bring Andy Birol to your location to present his business growth strategies and education to your clients, potential customers or team. (read more)
  • Speaking/Presentations
    Andy can customize one of hiscurrent presentations to meet your audiences’ needs. (read more)

Andy Birol is an author and a keynote speaker, but also he is an entrepreneurial growth consultant, helping owners
grow their businesses through his consulting and coaching services.

Call Andy Birol – get the consulting, coaching, or strategic marketing assistance your business needs today!


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